When looking for a new barbers what should you look for? We hear this all the time from our new clients.

In our experience over the past 15 years of building our barbers in York we’ve found one thing that really counts – service, that’s right, good service that is.

And we don’t just mean being polite and paying lip service to clients. We mean actually paying attention to what clients need and delivering that in the form of the latest hairstyles and cuts and always being ahead of our game by actually influencing the trends available to clients.

We achieve this by attending as many barber shows as is possible throughout the year and ensuring our barbers are up to speed on the latest in gents hair fashion and training them continually.

York Barbers equipment laid out on a counter top
We innovate with new trends and styles here in our barbers in York

We constantly encourage our hairdressers to enter as many national and international competitions as possible ran by industry heavyweights like Wella.

This approach stands us in good stead because it keeps our hairstylists switched on and proud to be achieving at this high level, unlike competitors hair salons all our barbers are employed by us here in our York barbers and we don’t rent out chairs to self employed barbers that way we can control exactly the standard of the barber that cuts your hair.

With that in mind the next time you go to a barbers in York or anywhere for that matter just ask them if they are an employee and if they have been to any trade shows lately. You’ll find out a lot about a barbers salon just from these innocent bits of small talk.